The Northern Territory is one of the best places in Australia for Barramundi fishing. Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, the NT offers the best locations for everyone.

Below are some of the best Barramundi fishing spots near Darwin, Northern Territory.

Manton Dam

The Manton Dam once served as Darwin’s water supply. It now is a popular recreational location for those seeking to get away from the heat and fish around in jet skis. While it doesn’t so sound like a great fishing hub, Manton Dam offers the best catch of barramundi.

Camping at the Dam is not allowed but the fact that it is close to Darwin makes it perfect for a day trip.

Darwin Harbor

If you are in the Northern Territory during the wet season, then Darwin Harbor is the one place to go for barramundi fishing. The harbour is close to many hotels meaning that you don’t have to go far after a day of fishing.

Darwin Harbor is a perfect fishing spot as it’s known for providing catches even when the tides are unsuitable. You are guaranteed of walking back to your hotel with a catch. There are several fishing charters around the harbour. You can book a trip with any of them.

Shady Camp/Mary River

Mary River is one of the best spots for barramundi fishing in the Northern Territory. The barra found in this river is some of the largest in NT and average at 25kg. You can book a fishing trip with some of the fishing tours and guides available at Shady Camp and head out for a great catch.

Adelaide River

Adelaide River is mostly popular for its jumping crocodiles. However, it offers some great barramundi catch during the run offseason. It is not far from Darwin so you can take a day trip from the city and head to the river to spend some time fishing from your boat.