Darwin, Northern Territory is known to have some of the best fishing grounds in Australia. The city is located by the Timor Sea offering passage between Southeast Asia and Australia. As a result, Darwin is a cultural hub and plays a unique role in history. The city is known for its spectacular scenery and wildlife, great Asian markets, and the biggest fish catch in Australia.

Types of Fish in Darwin

Fishing in Darwin offers vast opportunities. You can fish from the coastal waters or the landlocked billabongs. There are four fishing seasons here that are influenced by the monsoon rains which cause a rise in water levels during the summer and a drop in the winter.

The most popular fish in this region is the Barramundi which is available in all seasons throughout the year. Fishing Barramundi is a good sport if you know where to catch them. Depending on the season, they can be found in the rivers billabongs and the mangroves of Darwin Harbor.

BlueWater fishing is also common in Darwin. The prime location for this sport is Dundee Beach and Darwin Harbor. You will find such fish types as Golden Snapper, Jewfish, and Cod in the shipwrecks and inshore reefs. During the dry season, anglers venture further into the reefs for bluewater fishing. The target at this time is to catch Tuna, Sailfish, Queenfish, and many other varieties.

Fishing Regulations

You will be happy to know that in the Northern Territory anglers are not required to have a license for reactional fishing purposes. There are several types of fish in Darwin. However, there are bag limits regulations that you must comply to. You can always rely on any of the Darwin fishing charters to help you identify the best fishing grounds. The charters will show you grounds where you can fish without having to leave the shore.