The Northern Territory features an attractive harbour and stiff ocean breeze, making it the perfect sailing destination. Sailing in NT offers you an adventure of your lifetime. You can navigate in Darwin or cruise further to the Tiwi Islands.

Sailing in Darwin

One way to enjoy the sunset is by sailing the Darwin harbour. You can enjoy the cruise as you kick back with a few beers and enjoy the view of the stars starting to show in the sky. Catamarans are the most commonly used vessels here and range from the basic models to the luxury models.

The sailing trips last from a few hours, to overnight, and several days. Fishing trips are also frequent in the region and offer you a great chance to catch the gold band snapper and the barramundi. If you are here for sailing only, there are several sailing clubs and tours you can book a trip with. The clubs provide you with lists of great sailing destinations within the Darwin harbour and beyond. Newbies are also in luck as it offers them the right way of learning a few tricks about sailing.

Tiwi Islands

If you are out for adventure and a taste of new cultures, a trip to the Tiwi Islands is what you need. You can take part in the four-day trips onboard comfortable catamarans that feature ensuite rooms and fishing equipment. You can be sure to enjoy the tropical waters of the Arafura Sea in style.

Sailing the Tiwi Islands provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the Tiwi culture and art. Here, you can get a taste of the real bush tucker. You can also visit the Munupi Arts and Crafts Centre and learn about the Tiwi painting techniques. While here, make sure to visit the historical sites from early European settlers.